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Netherlands - 'The Gateway to Europe'

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  • Area: 33,800 km2 
  • Population: 17 million
  • Capital: Amsterdam
  • Currency: €uro


Did You Know ?

  • The Netherlands provides access to 95 per cent of Europe’s most lucrative consumer markets within 24 hours of Amsterdam.
  • The Netherlands is truly densely populated. 17 million people living on a piece of land 2.7 times that of Northern Ireland….with 10 times the population !
  • The Netherlands has an important and strategic coastal location at the heart of Europe. The  Port of Rotterdam, Europe's largest port and 4th largest worldwide, and Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, a major European air-freight and passenger hub are supported by an extensive network of roads, railways, inland waterways and pipelines into Europe.
  • The Netherlands features one of the most highly educated, multilingual, flexible and motivated workforces in Europe.
  • These are sectors that are leading the way in innovation and sustainability, collaborating with Dutch knowledge institutes on world- class research and development.
  • Key Dutch companies include Unilever, Shell, ING, Aegon, Heineken, Akzo Nobel, Randstad, Philips, VDL, KPN, Ahold, DSM and may more. 


Key Sectors in the Netherlands:

  • Agriculture and food sector - World’s 2nd largest exporter of agricultural products 
  • Life sciences and health sector - Approximately 360 innovative life sciences companies clustered within a 120-mile radius.
  • Chemical sector - Hosts sixteen of the world’s top 25 leading chemical companies.  A production value of €87 billion ranks it 5th globally in chemical exports.
  • Water Sector - Renowned for an integrated water management and multi-disciplinary approach that balances social, environmental and engineering needs. 
  • Horticulture Sector - A global trendsetter and the undisputed international market leader in owners, plants, bulbs and propagation material. 
  • High Tech Sector - World leader in designing, developing and making high-tech equipment and micro/nano components. 
  • Creative Sector - 3rd largest exporter of television formats globally, as well as world-leading developer of computer games and pioneer in the area of dance music and DJs. 
  • Logistics Sector - The quality of the Dutch transport infrastructure is ranked among the best in the world - maritime (1st), air (4th) road (2nd) and railroad (7th) in 2015. 
  • Energy Sector – A major natural gas producer and distributor throughout Europe,  expertise in offshore wind energy, biomass and heat pumps.