Northern Ireland - Netherlands Trade and Export Society

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Official Launch of NI NL

Launch of Northern Ireland's first country focused export group - NI NL 

The official launch of NI - NL shall take place on Thursday 4th May at Lisburn Island Civic Centre from 3-6pm. - A panel of speakers from the Netherlands and from Northern Ireland shall address practical issues of trade with the Netherlands:

  • Case studies of Successful Dutch Business Development
    NITC BV - Steve Murnaghan
  • A Dutchman's View of Northern Ireland industry and culture
    Mike Antonis - InspecVision
  • Efficient Logistics to the Netherlands
    Norfolkline - Irene Rennie
  • Do's and don'ts of Legal Agreements
    Strik Attorneys at Law - Christian Strik

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A panel session shall be followed by a reception (in Dutch a 'borrel') to launch NI-NL.

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