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Edwin Poots, Chairman of Lisburn City Council's Economic Development Committee, Alan Hingston of Invest NI and Steve Murnaghan of Northern Ireland Trade Consultants BV help to mobilise NI-NL.

The official launch of NI-NL took place on Thursday 4th May 2006 at Lisburn Island Civic Centre.

The audience, including the Hon. Consul for the Netherlands, exporters, economic development promoters and Dutch business executives based in Northern Ireland, was welcomed to Lisburn by Cllr. Edwin Poots and heard how Lisburn companies had embraced the Netherlands over the last 5 years.

A panel of speakers from the Netherlands and from Northern Ireland addressed practical issues of trade with the Netherlands

Yvonne Cosgrove provided an insight into how of F5 Networks have built a relationship in the Netherlands over the last 12 months which has generated over $ 4 million

Mike Antonis former MD of FG Wilson and now of InspecVision provided a Dutchman's View of Northern Ireland industry over the last decades.

Irene Rennie explained the services offered by Dutch based Norfolkline in effectively transporting goods from the province into the Netherlands and further afield. 

ChristianStrik of Strik Attorneys at Law, who flew into the province for the launch, provided an in depth overview of the Dutch legal system and tipped the audience on the Do's and Don'ts of Commercial Law.  

A panel session which included the speakers and Invest NI's Country Manager Kate Gilmore was followed by a 'borrel' (drinks reception) to launch NI-NL.

The Honorary Consul to the Netherlands, Caron Mc Mullan, fits Dutch number plates to his car to promote the launch of NI-NL, during the Dutch Society's Queens Day celebrations.