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NITC, Founder of NI-NL, recently announced partnerships with locally engaged consultants in more Western and Central European countries.

NITC specialises in researching markets, providing business intelligence, developing sales opportunities for clients leading to supply opportunities and longterm strategic partnerships - both distribution partners as well as end user matchmaking.

Established in Amsterdam in 1993, NITC has been working in the Benelux for over 20 years and added the Nordics and Central Eastern Europe to its portfolio of countries over the last 10 years. Clients can now enjoy access to a pan European service covering more than 15 markets with the quality service to which they are accustomed from NITC.

In 2016 NITC has undertaken group and individual projects in France, Germany, Spain, Finland Hungary, Slovakia in October. Details can be found on

NITC also recently opened it’s new office in a rapidly developing business district in the city of Amsterdam called the Zuidas (literally Southern Axis in Dutch).